Reasons To Visit The South Bronx Farmers Market

Some of the reasons why you might fancy a trip to the South Bronx Farmers Market include giving back to the community, developing healthier eating habits, learning more about farming, sampling new foods, saving money on grocery shopping, learning new cooking tips and recipes, engaging with the community, and contributing to reducing environmental harmful practices.
Investing in The Community

When you buy food products at the South Bronx Farmers Market, the money goes directly to promoting small businesses and local farms. Since most local farms are family-owned, you’ll be directly supporting families in the South Bronx area and its environs. You will also be supporting the employment of the folks who work at the farms. This can be a great way to teach your children about the importance of supporting small and local businesses and instill in them a sense of investment and pride in the community.

Healthier Eating

While the South Bronx Farmers Market sells cupcakes and pastries, they are freshly made. Visiting the market offers an opportunity to eat more vegetables and fruits and pick up some healthy and fresh fruits for your family to indulge in after you return home. One of the benefits of purchasing products at the South Bronx Farmers Market is that you’re guaranteed their freshness. Most of the products are picked up within 24 hours of being taken to the market.

Vegetables and fruits pack a healthy punch of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. The problem, however, is that they lose most of their nutritional value with time. Buying freshly picked vegetables and fruits from the South Bronx Farmers Market ensures that you get the freshest produce and make the most out of their nutrients.

Learn More About Farming

If you would like your kids to learn more about farming, a visit to the South Bronx Farmers Market would be a brilliant idea. The little ones can learn about how vegetables and fruits came to be at the market. The farmers at the market are always excited to talk to kids and share some insights about their products. Your children will also be exposed to the different types of farming.

As your kids interact with different farmers, they’ll develop an appreciation for the effort it took to get the products to the market. Children are always curious and will probably have a lot of questions for farmers about how plants are grown. They might even be fascinated by the idea of farming and come out of the South Bronx Farmers Market with a resolution to pursue a career in farming.