Here’s What’s Hot at the SBFM

Sample New Foods

Vendors at the South Bronx Farmers Market often have taste testings or free samples which encourages kids to try out new flavors, foods, and ingredients. Did you know that not all carrots are orange? Don’t hesitate to ask for recipe recommendations from the farmers and carry some new foods on your way home.

Save Money

One of the main goals of the South Bronx Farmers Market is to provide affordable agricultural products to local residents. Purchasing sustainably grown or organic products from a grocery store can be a tad expensive. Because the South Bronx Farmers Market doesn’t incur costs for shipping, overhead for rent, and executive salaries, they are able to sell their produce at a much lower price.

Variety Of Options

Visiting the South Bronx Farmers Market will expose you to a plethora of seasonal vegetables and fruits that you’ll be hard-pressed to find at your grocery store. You’ll find more options for your favorite foods and foods native to the South Bronx area. Consider apples: Local grocery stores often stock 5 to 10 types of apples based on sales performance and popularity. You can often find more apple varieties at the South Bronx Farmers Market with distinct, unique flavors. If you’d like to add some interest and spice to your weekly menu, new produce items will more than suffice.

Learn New Cooking Tips & Recipes

Not only are farmers at the South Bronx Farmers Market proud of their products, but they are always willing to share useful information, tips and recipes to get you the most out of your purchase. They are an excellent source of knowledge on how to deliciously cook, roast, saute, and enjoy your favorite dishes.

A Sense Of Community

Visiting the South Bronx Farmers Market also offers an opportunity to go out and be part of the South Bronx community. You’ll be able to interact with locals and reconnect with the community and local business, all while doing some grocery shopping for your home.

One interesting fact about the South Bronx Farmers Market is that it is a one-part theater,one-part commerce. There is an atmosphere and energy at the South Bronx Farmers Market that you won’t find at a supermarket. You’ll often bump into neighbors and old friends while having the chance to talk to people committed to growing, raising, and making your food.

Environmentally Friendly

On average, food products in the US travel about 1500 miles from the farm to your dining table. From the additional packaging needed for shipping to the fossil fuels, there is a huge environmental impact due to food delivery. When you shop at the South Bronx Farmers Market for food items and produce, you’ll be doing a brilliant job helping the environment.

Final Word

If you’re living in the South Bronx area of New York or are just visiting, you should probably get acquainted with the South Bronx Farmers Market. This is the one-stop market for all your grocery shopping. It is here that you will find some of the freshest produce available.

The South Bronx Farmers Market offers more than your everyday shopping experience. You will learn about a variety of food products, as well as how they are grown and get to the market. Hopefully, your children will learn to become more appreciative of where the food they eat comes from. More than that, you will be supporting the South Bronx community by promoting the livelihood of farmers and their workers. You’ll also be playing a part in reducing the environmental pollution caused by fossil fuels and packaging.

In addition, you’ll also be able to trim down the cost of grocery shopping, engage with people in the South Bronx community, and sample new and healthy foods.