Helping the Community Grow

The South Bronx Farmers Market is located on 138th Street, between Willis and Alexander Avenues and near the 3rd Avenue/138th Street subway station on the 6 train. It is open Wednesdays and Saturdays 10am-4pm June through November and It is much more than just a local market. They offer healthy food options, community food education, and tools for cooking their products.

 They help those in need and are working to provide better lives for those in low income areas around New York. Just Food, a partner of the South Bronx Farms Market, mission statement is, “Just Food works passionately to shift the power, health, and wealth of historically marginalized communities that have been purposely divested from by developing community-driven solutions to inequities within the New York regional food system…We envision a democratic, transparent, equitable, and healthy food system rooted in racial, social, economic, and environmental justice.” 

Over 1.2 million New York City residents have food insecurity and the vast majority of those people come from low-income, minority neighborhoods where the option to purchase healthier options is scarce. Often these neighborhoods are given lower quality choices from where their food comes from such as, mini marts, convenient stores, or other low quality grocery stores. These inequities effectively prevent certain demographics from having the same access to food as do their more affluent counterparts in other areas of the city. But when you shop at South Bronx Farmers Market the money goes towards small businesses and local farms. Since the farms are usually local, family owned, you’ll be supporting your local community. South Bronx Farmers Market is a pillar of the community, made by community members and a great way to keep connected as well as make smart choices in your families 

Farmers markets in these types of areas help households obtain healthy food options. From fresh eggs and vegetables to canning classes, South Bronx Farmers Market has something to offer for everyone. There are often food tastings and cooking classes as well as children’s activities available through community organizations. While they do have pastries, muffins and other sweets they are all freshly made without nasty preservatives and other nasty items we often put into our bodies from local stores. 

If you or your children are interested in learning more about farming, food education, or cooking advice and tips, you should visit the South Bronx Farmers Market to see what they have to offer. A visit to South Bronx Farmers Market could open up an entirely new word of food for you and your loved ones. Get there before they wrap up for the season in November.